So you have found a cool little apartment to move to in a hip new Melbourne area! Now all you have to do is work out the best way to tackle and plan for an apartment move. This can be a very stressful and time consuming task, from packing to moving furniture and to unpacking and everything else in between.

If you are moving out of your apartment in the coming months, there are many ways to make packing and moving apartments less overwhelming. Here are some of our best tips to get organised and get moving quickly.

Organise Apartment Removalists For Your Move

Be sure to find a local reputable removalist company, that can handle your apartment removal, in a timely and efficient manner. Be sure to book in your furniture removalists in advanced to make sure you are covered come moving day.

Book in your Lift

When moving in apartment buildings, typically you are confronted with having to use a lift to get your possessions up to your level. This can be quite time consuming come the day of the move. especially if you have a small elevator to deal with. But its either that or the stairs, and I’m pretty sure which one you’ll want to pick. Be sure to work in with your removalists to help make sure you book in a suitable time to book the lift.

Make Sure Your Mover Has Public Liability Insurance!

When moving in to or out of apartments, you need to make sure your mover has public liability insurance! As some apartment buildings will not allow you to move in if your movers do not have it! so be careful and make sure to use a experienced removalists company that will have their insurances in place. And not a backyarder that will not have proper precautions in place.

Organise Storage

If you don’t have the space at the moment and want to hold onto some possessions, storage may be a viable option.

storage can also come in handy if you have a settlement date that does not line up, or if your not able to move into your new rental on the same date as previous rental expired.

Create a Checklist

Creating a checklist will put you a step ahead when it comes to being organised. Be sure to implement a checklist to help you lay out what you need to do in the stages leading up to your apartment removal.


Decluttering is a great way to make moving apartments more efficient. Either by selling, donating or throwing out un needed items. you can save money and even make some money back to put towards your moving budget.

Decluttering will also save you money come the day of your apartment move. having less items will save you money on furniture removalists costs. from less packing needed to less furniture needing to be moved. its a win win scenario that will speed up the moving process

Start Packing

Having now booked your removalists and organised the elevator booking. It’s time to get started packing! If you are not using removalists packing services and plan on doing this part yourself, we recommend starting early. The earlier the better. Get started by packing items that are not used very often. such as summer clothes if it is winter or books that you won’t read. Be sure to pack these items into boxes and have  a designated corner or room for them.

Set aside an essentials box

come the day of the move, you need to know where important items are. When planning for your apartment move, you don’t want the new home keys to be packed up in a box that’s in the back of the moving truck. That is why we recommend keeping your most important possessions with you during your apartment removal. Items such as phones, wallets, keys, important documents, and expensive jewellery should be kept close by. Be sure to set aside a bag or a box with all these important items, ensuring they don’t get lost on moving day.

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