Moving house is a big task, and people often forget about all the extra hidden costs in moving house, that come when moving. Whether you are moving local around the corner or interstate, you need to be be prepared for all the hidden costs that can build up. By budgeting and planning diligently you can overcome some of these hidden costs that may arise when moving home.


This is a something you want to make sure you get back come moving time. As with this money back you can put it towards your next move or straight into the bond on your next home. Be sure to check in every room of the house, making sure there is nothing wrong with the home your moving from. Landlords can be picky and can refuse to release your deposit if they feel there property has been left damaged or is dirty. Be sure to give a deep clean and leave the house absolutely spotless.


Trust us if theres one area not to skimp on, this is it! We have heard plenty of stories over the years of cheaper moving companies that end up coming up more expensive. Costing the customer more in the end as a result of breakages to possessions and inexperienced movers.

Hiring a good reputable moving company will save time and money in the long run. As professionals do this every day and know the best and quickest ways of moving furniture. Both fast and efficiently.


When hiring removalists, you need to be sure on the date of your move. otherwise if you have to cancel last minute, adding another hidden cost when moving homes. your moving company may not be able to refund your deposit for your move. be sure to read t’s & c’s on your preferred moving companies policies when it comes to removalists deposits


This is another thing that needs to be thought about when in the moving process. If you are packing yourself you will need to source out packaging materials. Such as boxes, tape, butchers paper, cling wrap, bubble wrap etc. this can all add up as another hidden cost you may not think to much about.

By using above method most removal companies such as Get n Go Removals, will throw in free boxes for any moves with packing services involved. As long as they are returned in good condition within two weeks from your move date.


If you are moving with settlements involved or a lease that doesn’t start until after moving day. Storage will be needed. This is an extra hidden cost that you may face when moving, having storage involved will also make your moving costs more expensive. As this will mean your items will need to be double handled by your furniture removalists.

Quick tip: if you do require storage, be sure to ask for the storage locker closest to where the truck can park. Doing this will help save some money on Removalists costs.


Planning on decluttering and throwing some unwanted furniture out? This can bring with it some fees as well. Tips are usually quiet expensive to go to, try to avoid them if possible. Waiting on a hard rubbish in your postcode, or trying to donate to local charities could be a great move when trying to avoid extra hidden costs of moving.


Be sure to check out where you are moving to before hand. Look at the parking signs and check out if there are costs to park there. Try looking into getting a permit as early as you can, hopefully before moving day.


unities such as (gas, electricity, internet, phone etc) typically can be transferred to a new residence free of charge. But if moving home interstate, your utilities provider may not service that area. In this case, you will need to pay a termination fee and open a new account with a new provider based in your location.


Having finally moved into your new home. You may notice it is a little bare. Maybe your old furniture doesn’t fit in the space as well as it did at your old home. Therefore you may feel the need to replace with new furniture that will complement your new home better. Also If moving to a bigger home you may have empty bedrooms. You will want to fit out with new beds, bedsides and nick nacks. This is defiantly something to weigh up when choosing your new home and to consider these hidden costs in moving house.


If you have been stuck putting your furniture in storage during the moving process. Chances are you will need to also pay for a hotel to sleep at on top of other costs. This is where things can start to add up quiet substantially. Along with the costs of eating out while you don’t have access to your own pantry or fridge. We recommend trying to stay at a friends house to save some of your relocation budget money.


Chances are if you are staying in a hotel, they will not allow pets to stay. So you will need to think about paying for someone to look after your furry friends while in transition of moving with pets


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