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Make Your Move Stress-Free with Our Moving & Packing ServicesMelbourne Packing & Unpacking Service

It’s easy for a move to get stressful. There’s plenty to get done and it never feels like there’s enough time. But the team at Get ‘n’ Go Removals are here to help you make your moving day as smooth as possible. And we can add some serious value by helping you get set up from the start with our packing services.

We’re a locally owned and operated family business that has been providing customers throughout Melbourne with fast, safe and reliable removalist services for years now. We know how to get the job done. Whether you’re moving into a new home, office, or even a commercial setting, we’re the team to look to. And a big part of how we add value is by helping out with the pack up.

Fast and Easy Packing Services in Melbourne

When gearing up for a move, the value-add of hiring a professional removalist outfit like us at Get ‘n’ Go Removals is pretty clear. We have the gear, the ready and willing hands, and we’ll get it done fast. But we’ve found that plenty of our customers find the packing process to be one of the bigger stressors when it comes to making the moving day go smoothly.

What we do for our customers is streamline the whole process. We can get in, get your furniture, appliances, and other items like art and personal items packed up safe and ready to go. We’ll then move them and get everything unpacked and arranged at the other end. No worries, no fuss, and everything done fast.

Local, Experienced and Affordable

We’re based out of Brunswick, and we service customers all across Melbourne. We take pride in being the family owned business that local customers turn to for help when it comes to moving house, apartment, or business. With Get ‘n’ Go Removals, you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs. Further, you won’t find yourself worrying about getting caught out in the middle of a move.

Our team of movers and packers have years of experience between them in getting even the most complex arrangements ported safely. Part of our packing services is handling the disassembly and assembly of all kinds of furniture, fixtures and appliances. Having spent many years in the moving game, we have come to know exactly what it takes to pack quickly, with precision, and efficiently, all while never compromising on the quality and safety of your items.

Speak to the team at Get n Go Removals today for a free no obligation quote on your Melbourne Packing Service.

Fragile Items Packing Service

Fragile and precious belongings aren’t the sorts of items you want to go risking during a move. Our team has a great deal of experience in getting all sorts of precious furniture, antiques and fragile art from point A to point B safely.

We’ll know exactly how to go about wrapping, packaging and transporting your fragile items. With Get ‘n’ Go Removals, you can rest assured that even your most fragile items will make it through the move in one piece. Even when that takes some careful disassembly and reassembly.

Unpacking Service

Having everything wrapped up and easy to carry makes the moving part of the process easy. But what about unpacking at the other end? Our team will help you get everything sorted at the other end. Including unpacking all those carefully wrapped fragile items.

This part of the move gives you the time and space to think everything through. No having to worry about having the time to get it done, and no needing to exhaust yourself while trying to figure out where you want everything to go. We’ll get it sorted, rely on us!

Free Returns on Boxes for All Our Packing & Moving Customers

Choosing to work with Get ‘n’ Go Removals means having a team of professionals to help you get your moving day sorted. But more than that, it means working with a local business that knows how to help its customers get the job done without the hassle and the extra costs.

We supply moving boxes to each of our customers on request – and we’ll tack the cost of those boxes onto the bill. But you then have two weeks to get everything sorted and return those boxes for a full refund. If you want to hang onto some of those boxes – that’s fine too. We’ll also supply packing materials like bubble wrap and wrapping paper to keep everything safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my house for a packer?

While the team at Get ‘n’ Go can help you get almost everything nice and organised. It’s still important to lay the groundwork. That means making sure that areas like hallways and doorways are clear, clothes and personal items are stored or packaged, and there aren’t any hazards or slippery surfaces to navigate around.

What will movers not pack?

At Get ‘n’ Go Removals, we’ll move the vast majority of household and commercial furniture and items – but there are some things we can’t move for you. That list will include any hazardous materials, paint, aerosols, gas or propane tanks, or any items that pose an undue risk to our workers in transit. We’d also prefer that our customers make separate arrangements for the transport of their pets.

What does full packing service mean?

Get ‘n’ Go Removals provide a full packing service. What that means is that we’ll handle the processes of organising and packaging up your precious and fragile items, along with everything else. This service is there for those who want everything to go smoothly on their moving day and just want a hand making sure everything is wrapped and packed safely before the move. Part of the service is helping you get it all unpacked and sorted on the other side.

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