When moving house during the summer heat, There are many different factors to look out for and plan ahead to, one of which being the blistering hot summer weather! Summer in Melbourne is the most busiest time of the year for people looking to move house. And can be a very challenging event to move during the warmer weather, In saying this we have come up with our 8 best tips to help get you moved during the summertime.

Get Started Early

making a early start is a great way to beat the sweltering heat! The difference in temperature for early mornings compared to afternoons can be quite drastic! Try to make sure not to move during the afternoon if you can avoid it! As this will make moving much harder then it could be.

Be Aware That Not All Items Cope With Heat

during summer on a 40 degree day, the back of the truck can see temperature over 50 degrees and acts like a heat box. Therefore you will need to think about your more delicate items, things you’ve packed that could melt? And your plants! Some plants cannot handle the heat, especially over a long distance. We recommend if possible to transport them in a car with air-conditioning this will give the best chance of a safe arrival.

Have That AC Cranked Up

As removalists, moving is quite a physical job, and one way to make our lives a bit easier is to make sure you have your air conditioning switched on! Or if you don’t have air conditioning at your home some portable fans will do the trick.

Have Water On Hand And Stay Hydrated

While carrying out a move, be sure to make sure to keep your fluids up through out the day. As you will be sweating quite bit during all the lifting and moving you will be doing, and will need to replenish your body. Keep water cool in and esky and make sure you have it on hand at all times.

Apply Sunscreen

This step is important! You want to be sure you have applied sunscreen, as you will be moving between the truck and your home all day, and open to the suns rays. Be sure to re apply every 2 hours and avoid getting burnt.

Wear The Right Clothing

When choosing the right clothing to wear when moving house in the summer heat. Be sure to select something that is comfortable and lightweight to make sure you are keeping as cool as possible throughout the day. Another option that you should use to prevent being burnt is wide brim hats and sunglasses, to protect your face, ears, neck and eyes from the suns damaging U V rays.

Be Aware Of Overheating/Heatstroke Symptoms

Exposure to extreme heat and doing such a physical activity can pose a threat to your health. In saying this you need to listen to your body and be aware of any symptoms should they arrise. Symptoms can include headaches, nausea, muscle cramps, dizziness, weakness, fainting, seizures and general confusion. If you have any of these symptoms be sure to get out of the heat immediately and into an air conditioned room and lie down and drink plenty of water.

Book Professional Movers

If you are looking to hire home movers to handle an upcoming move you may have during the summer period! Be sure to contact the team at Get ‘n’ Go Removals on 0403 559 241 or email us at getngoremovals@gmail.com