Our 10 Best Expert Tips On How To Move House Efficiently

When it comes time to pack up and move onto your next home, you need to make sure you know how to move house efficiently! This will save you time and money in the process, making moving easy and relatively stress free. We have come up with a list with some of our best moving house tips and tricks

1. Create A Checklist

writing and sticking to a checklist is possibly the best way to see to it that everything goes as smoothly as possibly. Having a checklist to guide you thru the whole process will make the moving process a whole less daunting. And make moving as a whole, a much more efficient event when you have a plan to stick to! here is our complete checklist for you to follow  Our Moving House Checklist

2. Have A Dontate And Toss Pile

When You start to prepare for the big day, this is one of the things we would recommend sorting out before anything else. Getting this done nice and early and decluttering along the way will make it much easier as you get closer to moving day, you will have less items to pack and less items to take with you to your new address, meaning you will save time and money on removalists services. So be sure to throw out your un-used items and donate what you can to local charities. Also being sure

3. Measure Your Doorways and the Furniture

Measuring your furniture before moving is important come move day, you want to be sure your items will fit in their new spots. Be sure to check the following items and respective doorways that they will have to pass thru at your new residence

  • Fridge – this ones important! you don’t want to have to put the fridge out in the garage!
  • washing machine/ dryer – check that there is enough space in the laundry
  • Beds – these can sometimes be tricky to fit up stairs if you have a solid one piece base. be sure to measure the height of the celling or at least make sure there is a balcony to be able to access if stairs are not suffice.

these sort of items are the usual culprits, but also be sure to check any other big and bulky furniture you may have.

4. Pack Least Used Items First

Packing to move, where to start? Is an often asked question we hear! And what to pack first when moving is often a good place to start for a more efficient move. Be sure to start out with the things you don’t use. these typically are things in your garage that might not get much use, or old clothes you might not have worn in a while say your winter clothes as it is summer. By sorting thru your packing this way, you can gradually pack in the months leading up to moving. Then on moving day make sure these are by the door and ready to go onto the truck first.

5. Cling Wrap Drawers

When using a removal company, you can leave this to your removalists to do. But if your are doing this yourself be sure to do this, as it will make the chances of damaging the drawers a lot lower, as they won’t be able to slide open while being carried. Also another bonus of this is you can leave your clothes inside them giving you less packing to do.

6. Write The Rooms On Your Boxes

When we think about how to move house efficiently, this is one you want to get right!

This is a common mistake we see people make, mostly when they are last minute or rushed. But you want to make sure you get this right! Be sure to have your sharpie handy and write the room on which you have packed as soon as you tape that box shut. And when packing make sure to only pack your box full of items in that room.

7. Keep Any Screws Or Dismantled Furniture Together

When it comes to moving house tips and tricks this is a big one. you need to organise all your dismantled furniture and make sure they are ready to be put back together at the other end. We recommend using a zip lock bad and storing all your screws from different items in individual bags. Also be sure to write on the bags what items the screws are from. Another great idea is too cling wrap your legs of furniture or bed slats together, this make it a lot neater come the day of the move.

8. Leave Your Clothes On A Hanger

There is much more work involved in folding each individual piece of clothing and boxing them up, and then hanging them again at your new place. Instead you can skip this step all together by organising portarobes, or wrapping them together in a cling wrap. Thus saving you time and making moving house more efficient.

9. Eat Up

Make sure to not let these foods in the fridge, pantry and freezer go to waste. Be sure to eat as much of this food as you can before moving day comes around, and donate any unexpired food you may have to your local food bank. this will give you less items to pack come moving time.

10. Hire A Removalist Service – Have Them Do It For You

If you want to really streamline your whole moving process, organise for a moving house service. Experience Furniture Removalists know exactly where to start and end when it comes to packing and unpacking. So to move house in an efficient way this option will save you time, and at the end of the day money, if you have to take time of work and rent a truck it all adds up.

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