Moving day is drawing closer, so you need to find the best house movers in Melbourne you can count on. Using professional movers comes with many benifits and can help with many aspects of moving house. From packing to unpacking a good removalist can help make the whole process a streamline process.

What To Look For When Selecting House Movers Melbourne

When selecting the best removalists to help carry out your upcoming move, make sure to do your research. The following criteria will help you to narrow down your preferred professional house movers in Melbourne

No Hidden Fees

Be careful when hiring movers for your move, as there are many hidden fees that some may charge. These include fees such as:

  • stair fees
  • heavy lift fees
  • fuel levys
  • disassembly & assembly fees

be sure to avoid these sort of companies that charge these sort of hidden fees

Melbourne House Mover Reviews

When doing your homework on your preferred home moving service, make sure to check the reviews on both there google my business profile. As well as their Facebook business profile. Get ‘n’ Go Removals offer one of the best house removalist services in Melbourne and are proud to boast a 5.0 star rating on both our google and Facebook accounts.

Another key thing to look for when checking reviews is if they are fake or not! this is typically quite easy to spot out. Businesses will get there friends to leave reviews all in a very short space of time, amassing a large amount of reviews in a rapid amount of time. Another way to check this is if the reviewers that have left reviews have only left 1 review all just for that business.

Service To Suit Any Move

Whether you are after 1 item moved or the complete valet service. This is something that can be catered to by a good house moving service. you want to make sure your movers are experienced and have the resources to help with many different aspects of the moving process. These are just some of the services we offer:

  • packing & unpacking
  • 1 item moves
  • house movers
  • office movers
  • commercial moves
  • storage 
  • Long Distance movers 
  • Furniture Removals

Word Of Mouth

Before going online and searching the web, you are better off to look in your own backyard, try asking your friends or family if they have moved recently? And if so which local removalists did they use? Getting referred to a removalist by your friend will be more accurate then listening to people on the web that you don’t know.

Dont Skimp Out On Movers

You should avoid movers with prices under the $100 mark per hour, as this generally means that they won’t be insured and that there movers likely won’t have the experience required to provide a fast, efficient and damage free move. Remember the old saying if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Service Location

When choosing house movers in Melbourne for your home move, you want to be sure to pick a removalists company nearby. Either being close to the pickup of drop off address, thus saving you costs on any fees to get out to your specific location.

They Know What they are talking about

You should be able to tell the minute you make contact, we only use removalists to answer your calls, giving us the edge when doing quotes over the phone. As having a vast knowledge in all things moving and packing, we can give you a more accurate estimate of timeframes needed for a move. Also being able to help you out with any questions you may have, as well as being able to provide great ideas on how to prepare for your house move in advance.

They Know their way around a Home move!

this one you may be able to see as you are driving by a moving truck and they have the truck doors open and are loading or unloading, Look closely, you will be able to see a few key points as to whether the removalist company knows what they are doing or not, things being, the tidiness of the truck. Are their blankets folded neatly and stacked nicely. Also be sure to have a look at their loading skills, making sure no items of furniture stacked in the truck without being wrapped in protective blankets applied. This shows that your Melbourne House Movers care about how the go about there business and take pride in their work.

Another thing you will notice come the day of the move is their expertise in using there moving equipment. Using the right equipment at the right times for the right furniture. Thus making the moving process quicker and more a streamline and less chance of damages in comparison with less experienced movers

Contact Get ‘n’ Go Removals For House Movers In Melbourne

If you are looking for the best house movers in Melbourne you have come to the right place. No matter where you need to get to in Melbourne , we have the know how and experience to get you moved in a fast and efficient manner. Give us a call today to discuss your moving needs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote