18 Tips On How To Move Heavy Furniture

When trying to figure out how to move heavy furniture, you need to take the right steps to ensure a smooth moving process. You will agree that moving heavy items such as fridges, buffets, sideboards and couches is not for everyone. These items must be moved with care and precision, to make sure the furniture, the home its being moved in and out of and the person moving it are all safe. Hiring a professional mover is the better option, as they are experts when it comes to moving these kinds of specialty items. Get ‘n’ Go Removals is a moving firm that knows exactly how to move heavy furniture with care.

When moving heavy furniture use the following tips to help make moving simple and a damage free experience.


1. Empty draws

this will make moving heavy items that little bit lighter, and a lot easier to carry to and from the truck. Saving your back for the rest of the items you will have to move.

2. Tie, tape or cling wrap doors shut

When going up or down stairs with heavy items, the last thing you need is a door flapping around. This could make it easier to damage walls or furniture. Making sure the won’t open will make the chances of damages it a lot less likely to happen.

3. Blanket and wrap your items

 Another great idea that you should not skip if you are trying to move your furniture. Professional removalists use these on all items of furniture making sure items are safe. while your at it you can also put blankets on things like bannisters for when you are doing a carry up or down stairs.

4. Carry tall items high too low

Tall items like bookshelves are a two man job. And when carrying them you `want to have one man carry the item from the top and the other from the bottom. This creates a nice angle for getting these bulky items up and down stairs. Also when carrying like this the items angle will roughly match the angle of the staircase, making getting up and down easier.

5. Hook Chairs around corners

When moving items like recliners or single seater sofas. You can get these thru tight doorways by, turning them on their side and swinging them around the doorway by bringing the back in first then hooking around and into the doorway.

6. Upend Sofas

 Generally when taking sofas thru a doorways you will only need to turn them on their sides with the front facing the ground. But sometimes if you don’t have much room outside the doorway there is a different option. Upending the sofa, and sliding thru the doorway, or you may have to hook it underneath the top of the door. This can be done by putting the couch on the ground on its end infront of the doorway. Then you want to drop the highest point under the top frame of the door and hook the high end up on the other side of the door while lifting/sliding the bottom into the other side of the doorway

7. Use the right equipment

The old saying work smarter apples here. Be sure to utilise moving equipment, things like dollies trolleys and lifting straps will make the task a lot easier

8. Take apart what you can

 this is a great option if you are trying to figure out how to get heavy furniture up or down stairs. Taking items apart like any desks or bed ensembles apart can make it easier, and even allow you to shift it yourself.

9. Make sure your path is clear

 When lifting heavy items the last thing you need is items in your way. These can be dangerous and become a tripping hazard, resulting in injury to yourself or damages to your home or furniture.

10. Keep Children and animals out of the way

Another thing that can cause accidents to happen during the shifting process. Be sure to keep children and animals away from the action come moving day. Either at day car for children or at a pet care for your furry friends.

11. Take back off your recliners

 Find the back brackets located underneath the backing of the recliner, there should be two small clips on either side. Pull these inward and lift the back in an upward motion along the rail, and off its should pop. (sometimes you may need a pair of long nose pliers)

12. Tie up sofa bed and remove mattress

When it comes to sofa beds they are notoriously heavy. Especially if carrying them up or down stairs. Try lightning them up bait by removing the mattress from them if possible. Also be sure to tie up the pull up bed mechanism. To do this you will need to remove the cushions, then you should find a handle which is used to pull the bed from the sofa. Take your tie and loop it thru the handle and around the front of the couch, then simply tie off.

13. Remove Doors

A great idea to try if you are struggling to get that big bulky fridge thru a doorway. Simply take the door off, this gives slightly more room to play with, which could be just what you need to make the item fit.

14. Plan where it’s going

 Be sure to know exactly where your item is going before attempting to lift it. The last thing you want is to be standing around with heavy furniture unsure as to where it will be placed. Then having to reluctantly move it again later.

15. Know what route you are taking

Like the previous step, this is equally important. Be sure to measure furniture and access point to be sure it will fit if taking it that way. This will eliminate any extra time having to be spent carrying said heavy item.

16. Use a Hydraulic tailgate lift or Ramp

Having a tailgate lifter or ramp at your disposal will help eliminate any extra risk of damges to your furniture or harm to yourself. Without either of these options you will have to lift items up and onto a truck or trailer. This can result in injuries and damages to items.

17. Use proper lifting techniques

This is a very important tip when trying to figure out how to move heavy furniture. Be sure to keep your back straight and bend your knees, keeping a nice straight back at all times is paramount to avoiding injury.

18. Hire Professionals

If all this sounds like it would be too much or too hard for you to complete. Let the professional movers at Get ‘n’ Go Removals take the stress out of moving. call us today for a free quote on 0403 559 241 send us an email at: getngoremovals@gmail.com or visit our website