Packing Fragile Items When Moving

When planning on moving house, you need to know how to pack fragile items for moving. Doing so in a safe manner that won’t leave you disappointed at the other end, when you find them to have broken. This can be even more important when packing this such as heirlooms or pieces with high sentimental value. So whatever it is you are packing, you will want to know the best way to pack! Doing so in the correct manner and making sure there is no chance of breakage. Whether you are moving locally or interstate, be sure to get the packing correct. Alternatively if you think packing may be to time consuming, you can hire removalists, that have packing and unpacking services. This will safe you time and stress in the long run!

What packing materials do I need to move?

When Moving and packing fragile items, make sure to use high quality packing materials. The most common materials used when packing, are:

  • Boxes
  • bubblewrap
  • packing paper
  • tape

How to layout your boxes – Level by level (Bottom – Top)

  • When packing fragile items such as kitchenware ornaments etc. Use this as a cushioning for your fragile items, do this by either scrunching or rolling up packing paper and layering it across the bottom of the box to create that cushioning to soften the impact on the items when moving.
  • Get your kitchen plates ready, place one plate on the paper and fold the paper over so that the plate is covered. do this until you have bunches of 4 or 5 then sit them in the box not like you usually stack them. but on there edge. fill this level with bunches of plates and fill any holes you may have with screeched up paper.
  • repeat the first step with rolled or scrunched up paper. This will create a barrier between your plates and the next items you will put into your box. In doing so helping to keep your next items you put in safe.
  • Usually we like to put glasses in next. these can be wrapped quiet easily by laying one glass on butchers paper and rolling them out with the paper pulling in the sides of paper as you roll. Be sure to never put these on here side when getting packed into a box. You always want to have them with the rim facing downwards. Another quick tip: When packing fragile wine glasses or champagne glasses, be very gently when rolling as these can break under not much pressure at all. Also filling the inside of these glasses with crushed paper can give them more strength when being transported.
  • Add another layer of scrunched or rolled up paper
  • Light tupperware if there is still more room in your box
  • add last layer of butchers paper.

Make Custom Sized Boxes

Another Option you can use when packing delicate and fragile items is creating your own box specifically for your desired item. This can easily be done by combining two boxes having the item siting in the bottom box. Then slipping the other box over the top of the item and taping them together. Be sure to bubble wrap item, and fill boxes with packing paper.

How To Pack Odd Shaped Items For Moving

When packing odd shaped fragile items for moving, you need to be aware of the structure and overall strength of the item. Then take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the item in transit come moving day.

  • When packing round items – make sure they do not budge outside of the box. Fill the empty space with paper or other small/ light items. In doing so keeping your box contents tight and stopping them from shifting during transit.
  • Hollow items – Be sure to stuff these with butchers paper to help give them more strength.
  • Cylindrical – Items such as rugs can be easily packed just by being rolled up then help in position with sticky tape.
  • Large lamps – Pull the lamp shade and globe from the stand, place into the top layer of a box and fill with crushed packing paper. Take the stand and wrap in bubble wrap and tape onto the stand to avoid scratches.

How Do You Package Heavy Fragile Items

When packing heavy fragile items to be moved, you should make sure to use the appropriate moving box. Be sure to use higher quality and more thicker boxes to support the weight of the object. Another way to increase the strength of your box is to use tape right around the bottom and top of your box to add more strength to it. Be sure to use a mixture of bubblewrap and crushed packing paper on these sort of items. Another option you may have when packing these items is to double box them. Adding better protection and less chance of damages come moving day.

Label Your Fragile Items

Whether you are planning on moving everything or having a moving company do it for you. It is very important to label your fragile boxes. as there are certain ways removalists need to load the truck. Being that fragile and lighter items go at the top of the load, reducing the chances of any breakages during transit to your new home.

Are You Looking For Professional Movers and Packers For Your Move?

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