Get n Go Removals are currently operating as an Essential business. To help minimise or stop the spread of coronavirus. We are taking immediate action throughout our company to protect all staff and customers we are doing the following:

• Is your move essiential? – We ask our customers to consider if your move is essential and can be done at a later date after stage 4 lockdown has been lifted.
• Please make sure all high-touch areas, like door handles and doorknobs, with disinfectant or soap before our staff arrive. Also please disinfectant hard surfaces on your furniture items.
• We require all of our customers to wear their face masks and keep extra distance when our staff arrive at the property and during the move.
• Normally, we allow our customers to assist with the handling of items to speed up the moving process. Currently, this is not an option in order to maximally protect our staff and our clients.
We reserve the right to cancel any job where our movers feel at risk, as this is a public health issue.

Please lets us know as soon as possible if:

• If you have symptoms of fever and/or respiratory infection (cough, difficult breathing), we ask you to contact us immediately to reschedule or cancel your booking until you have sought medical care, and your symptoms have fully resolved.
• If you have recently been anywhere overseas, you must contact us to reschedule the booking after at least 14 days after arriving in Australia.
• If you are tested COVID-19 positive, we ask you to contact us immediately to cancel your booking.
• If you have been in recent contact with a known case of COVID-19, you must contact us to reschedule and postpone the booking for at least 14 days.
• We have implemented contactless requirements which minimise the risk to our customers and staff.

We are taking extra precautions to reduce the risks:

• We supply high quality face masks to all staff members and ask them to wear them from start to end, but may remove them while doing aerobically strenuous activities (such as carrying very heavy items, or going up or down flights of stairs.)
• We ask all staff to clean their hands frequently by using hand sanitizer and water and soap when possible.
• We are requiring all staff to use hospital grade disinfectant to spray and clean our vehicles at the end of each job.
• Keeping staff up-to-date with Australian Department of Health Advice on good hygiene and social distance.
If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call on 0403 559 241 or email: