Moving can be a time of new beginnings. Many people look forward to a new and fresh start. Unfortunately, it can also be time consuming and very stressful. In addition to the costs of buying a new property, there are the hidden costs of moving. However, there are simple things to consider which can help you manage your moving budget. Read on for some tips.

1. Consider hiring professional movers

While this may feel like an extra cost, the fact is, professional movers are absolutely the wisest investment you will make when it comes to moving. They will take care of your property, ensure it is insured in case of damage, and move things swiftly. Trying to move yourself will be very time consuming and potentially backbreaking too. You can also rack up the bill in petrol costs of to-ing and fro-ing between properties. Professional movers can do long-distance too. Consider calling up for a quote.

2. Try to find free boxes

Most people go all out by trying to buy new boxes to shift their possessions. The trick is to find as many as possible. Look on online websites like Freecycle, or check the skips on bins of nearby businesses. Getting as much as you can for free will save you funds in that department. You can also ask family and friends to save their large and strong boxes.

3. Move off-season

At certain times of year, moving seems to be more popular. Summertime is considered peak time. If you’re looking into professional movers, consider booking off-season and also mid week. Since they have more free slots around these times, you are likely to land yourself a cheaper quote. 

4. Purge your possessions before moving

Sometimes, even if you aim to keep a clutter free home, possessions can accumulate without you even realising. The fact is, there is absolutely no point paying to move junk. If you have things you don’t use, don’t need and no longer want then don’t move them for the sake of it. Consider selling, donating or gifting. Moving is a great time to purge and declutter so that you can move on to your new home ready to make a fresh start.

5. Plan ahead 

Planning is your best friend when it comes to budgeting and keeping costs down. If you plan when you will move and shop around for packing supplies, and make sure you are ready on the day the movers arrive, then you are bound to keep costs down. The last thing you want is to schedule a day to move, and not be ready. This may mean that you need to enlist help a second time, making your move more costly. In addition, not planning properly may mean taking unanticipated days off work that can further add to unexpected costs.

6. Make sure you are ready come moving day

On moving day you can save time and money by making sure you are as best prepared as possible, doing simple things like reserving a car park close by could save you loads of time and money off your bill. Also things like disassembling beds, unplugging and draining washing machines, making sure your fridge has been emptied, and having boxes neatly stacked on top of each other so removalists have easy access to them, and they are out of the way will go a long way to cutting the price of your relocation.


Moving home can be an exciting time. It is a renewed opportunity to organize your living spaces and declutter at the same time too. Unfortunately, it can also be costly. There are a few things you can do to keep costs down. Instead of taking on the task by yourself, you can move the smart way and hire professional removal services. In addition, you can look to sourcing free packing supplies such as boxes and also plan to move off-season for better rates.

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