How To Declutter Before You Move

When moving home there is one simple yet overlooked thing you can do to make moving quick and easy, and that is decluttering your home! so below we will be giving you our best 6 steps on how to Declutter before you move

Step 1:When Decluttering Your Home Before You Move Think About If You Have Used It?

When moving house and deciding what to declutter before you move you should always relate back to this step when deciding on weather to keep, toss or donate the item in question, try and think, have you used the item in the past year? This can make your decision a much quicker and easier one to make!

Step 2: 1 Item Only!

When trying to figure out how to de-clutter your home before you move! this step is crucial and can save you so much time when the moving date comes round!  this is not noahs ark you don’t need two of everything! You wouldn’t believe the amount of times we see customers with multiples of things like

  • wheelbarrows
  • lawnmowers
  • shovels
  • ladders etc, the list goes on!

theses are exactly the sort of items to cull when moving.

Step 3: Organise Your Cluttered Kitchen

When decluttering before your move, you should defiantly take a closer look around the kitchen and bathroom areas, as these are generally very dense in items that you will not use, think of all those cans of food hidden away in the back of the pantry that will never see sunlight! other things to look out for when decluttering are

  • crockery
  • cutlery
  • pans and pots
  • kitchenware

for these we recommend the 1 item only rule, just keeping one set!

Step 4: Decluttering The Wardrobe

Yet another place in the home were you can find plenty of things that relate to the 1st step! (Have You Used It) Make sure to check right in the back of the top shelf! here you will find a plethora of clothing that you have not seen or used in years! We recommend trying on your clothes that you are unsure on to find out if they fit properly. If you do make the call to get rid of them we recommend donating to, the salvation army or any other charity organisation

Step 5: Choosing Your Furniture Before Your Move

Decluttering furniture before your move is a major key to saving time paying for removalists! therefore we recommend a cull of your furniture. Start by working out what the layout of the home you are moving to is like and have a clear picture of where your furniture can go, this can make the process super simple!

when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted furniture, we recommend the following

  • donating to charity
  • hard rubbish! if you are lucky enough to have hard rubbish periods where you live, this is a great way to get rid of unwanted furniture
  • doing a trip to the tip, if you miss out on hard rubbish this is another option
  • selling unwanted furniture, you could do this on eBay, gumtree or Facebook marketplace
  • anything that is metal generally you can get rid of for free or even get some money back for such items at scarp yards

Step 6: The 4 Categories When Decluttering – Keep, Sell, Donate, and Trash

When decluttering this is your best bet for a quick and streamline process to declutter your home before you move quickly and efficiently! When decluttering it is best to do it in this order

  1. Donate: What items you want to donate, bag them up and put them in the car straight away to avoid confusion later on
  2. Sell: You want to take a picture of these items and list them straight away, before moving them to either the garage or a free room
  3. Trash: make a tip run with left over furniture
  4. Keep: Leaving this step till last will make packing extra efficient

We hope these 6 Steps on how To Declutter Before You Move help you when it comes to decluttering your house for your upcoming move, if you follow these rules to decluttering your home it should go a long way to making your move a quick and more cost effective move.

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