How to be ready for your move? This can either make you or break you come move day when using removalists. Below we will go through a list of things you can do to prepare come move day.

Dismantle furniture

Dismantling furniture is a great way to speed up your time with the removalists. although if needed we are more than happy to assist with this.

Stack Boxes Ready For The Removalists

By stacking boxes in piles of three or four depending on the size of boxes, this makes it quick and efficient for removalists to simply slip there trolley under and move faster. Saving the need for double handling

Secure A Parking Spot

If you live in a place where parking spots are hard to come by. Be sure to secure a park overnight so the removalists can park their truck at the closest possible access point to your home. Doing this can save you so much time come move day.

Untap Washing Machine

Another great way on how to be ready for your move is to save time is by making sure everything is ready to go. Including your washing machine. (also if your dryer is on a bracket above, taking this down as well can help with your move`time.

Label Your Boxes

Be sure to label boxes for their correct room, this is a simple thing that can help keep things efficient and avoid any confusion

Make Sure There Is No Items On The Floor

When moving day arrives make sure there are no items on the floor that can fit into a box, this can be a tripping hazard and also makes it harder to stack into the truck if the item is an odd shape.

Clear Items Off The Tops Of Your Furniture

Another simple thing we see a lot when moving, having small items on top of furniture wastes time in having to clear them off to be able to get to the item we need for loading the truck.

Make Sure All Boxes Are Tapped And Not Open On The Tops

Having the boxes open can make stacking the truck hard, as it wastes space in the truck and means they can only go on the top spaces. Also things can fall out when tipped back on trolleys and are more likely to get broken

Don’t Water Your Plants

Make sure not too water your plants the night before, as they will be heavier and chances are they may leak.

Empty and Defrost Your Freezer

Its a good idea to get your freezer emptied and defrosted the night before the removalists arrive. You can do this by emptying the contents into an esky, and then place a towel in and infant of the freezer to collect any water that may leak out

Pull Tv’s Off Brackets

If your tv is on a wall mount bracket be sure to take them off if you are looking to save time when moving. Otherwise we are more than happy to help if you need assistance with it.

Keep Dogs And Children Away

This can also cause a hazard when moving. Removalists could be carrying heavy items and trip over. We suggest making sure both children and animals are left out of the way.

Do A Cull If Necessary

Do yourself a favour and save time in carting things you don’t need anyway. Why move something you won’t be needed. Getting rid of things before the move will save time for your movers keeping your moving costs down.

Secure All Doors And Draws

Be sure to lock and secure any drawers or doors on furniture by either locking them or tapping them shut. This will avoid any chance of doors or draws opening and causing damage. Also be sure to empty any fragile items that may be inside

Book Your Move In Today

By now you should know how to be ready for your move, if you follow the above tips. Now all that’s left todo is hire professional removalists to make sure moving day is as fast and efficient. be sure to contact us today for a free quote