These Terms and Conditions govern the business arrangement entered into between Get n Go Removals PTY LTD. ABN: 98 656 492 7690 

and yourself in respect to the moving or packing job.

It is understood that by booking the Get n Go Removals PTY LTD that you have read and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.

1. About Get n Go Removals PTY LTD

Get n Go Removals PTY LTD provide moving, packing and labour hire services to 3rd party moving companies.

Get n Go Removals PTY LTD are not common carriers and reserve the right the refuse the carriage of goods at our discretion. We accept no liability as such.

We also have the right to contract external service providers to perform any work where required.

2. Quotation and estimates

We will provide a quote for your job based on the information you provide to us. This will include details of what you would like packed or moved and between which locations.

Based on this information we will recommend a truck size, number of men or women and time it will take for the job. Our quotes are an estimate only and are valid for 30 days.

The actual time a job will take may vary based on the actual items to be packed or moved, traffic, parking issues and circumstances beyond our control.

3. Bookings and cancellations

At the time of booking you must provide personal information such as your name, contact details, the address you are moving from and the address you are moving to. You must also provide a rough guide of the items you need moving or packing for us to estimate the time the job will take.

If the situation arises where we arrive at your property and there are significantly more items than discussed in the booking process, we may not necessarily have the time or space to finish the job. In such circumstances, we have a strong preference to complete the job but may have to discuss alternatives with you which could include storage options, or finishing off the move at a later time or date.

You must also provide a date of move and a preference for the morning or afternoon. We schedule jobs approximately 1-2 days in advance and will contact you the day before your move to confirm the time. 

Cancellations must be made with at least 72 hours’ notice, otherwise a minimum 2.5 hour fee applies for truck selected applies.

4. Customer responsibility

To keep your costs down and ensure a smooth move we ask that you:
• Make sure there is parking and easy access to your property.Our drivers are unable to park in clearways and no standing zones. We can however park in loading zones subject to time restrictions. We will follow your instructions for parking however the cost of the parking fees and infringements will be included in the fee for the move. The better access we have to your property the faster the move progresses.
• Be present during collection and delivery. We love to help you move but we don’t like when things aren’t done right. We need you to tell us what you would like moved and what you would like left behind.
• Pack and prepare properly. Pack all items in boxes with the lid shut and boxes labelled. Empty all drawers and make sure the fridge it also emptied and defrosted. Have all appliances such as washing machines disconnected.
• Guide us with fragile items or any other special precautions we need to take. We like to take care of your items as we would our own. Let us know if there are any fragile items or other special measures we should take to avoid any accidents.

Our movers will attempt to move all your items as directed, however we reserve the right to refuse to carry any items for any reason.

5. Deposit

A deposit may be required when the booking is made. The amount of the deposit will be at our discretion and will be deducted from the total fee payable at the completion of the job.

6. Fees and minimum charges

The actual fee we charge will be based on the actual time the job takes (including travel time between our depot, your move pick up and drop off locations), any parking fees, parking fines and tolls. There will be an additional surcharge for regional areas. We are not responsible for any delays due to traffic.

Our minimum charge is for two and a half hours. Time will be charged in fifteen minute increments rounded up thereafter.

7. Meal breaks

If a job takes more than five hours, our movers are entitled to a half hour break which will be included in the cost of the move.

8. Payment of fees

Payment in full is required at the end of the job in full. We will take payment via cash, or bank transfer.

9. Insurance

We are insured for public liability however goods in transit are not covered for damages. We take great care when we move or pack however accidents do occur so we recommend that you take out ‘good in transit’ insurance separately prior to the move.

10. Damages

In the unlikely event that goods are damaged during the move we will repair or replace up to the value of $200 per item. You must notify our staff during or before the end of the move of any damage. No claims will be accepted once our staff have left the job.

We will not be liable for damages in the following circumstances:
• Where goods are inadequately packed.
• Where damage is caused because of moving goods under your instruction against our advice.
• Flat packed furniture eg. IKEA, as these items are inherently fragile. We recommend that these items are disassembled prior to the move to reduce the risk of damage.
• Electrical appliances such as televisions, computers, printers etc. not packed in their original packaging.
• Musical instruments not in hard cases.
• Glass incorrectly packed or wrapped including tabletops.
• Fragile stone items such as marble or granit unless it has been crated by us.

  • We will only cover cosmetic damages that have been pointed out before movers leave the job