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Looking for reliable furniture removalists in Essendon? The team at Get’ N’ Go Removals are a family-owned business who understand the stress often involved with moving home. Therefore we strive to make furniture removals friendly, stress-free and straightforward.

Get ‘N’ Go are furniture removalists who help with all styles of moves either in or out of your

Essendon home. 

Furniture Removalists Essendon

Furniture Removalists

At Get ‘n’ Go Removals, we pride ourselves on providing quality removalist services to our Epping customers and throughout our home city of Melbourne. We know what it means to our customers to have the support of professional removalists here are some of our removal services:

  • Local Moves – You don’t have to be moving far for a truck and a couple eager sets of hands to be super useful.
  • House MoversMake moving houses a easy task by using our home moving service
  • Apartment RemovalsMoving in and out of Apartments can be a tricky task. But with the right help it doesn’t have to be.
  • Business Moves – Whether you’re moving office, a retail space, or workshop we can help you get it from point A to point B.
  • Long-Distance Moves – We don’t do interstate moves, but we’ll do virtually everything within Victoria! Get in touch to talk details on this one.
  • Antique & Art Removals– With a great expertise in moving fragile antiques, you can feel safe knowing they are in the right hands.
  • Packing & Unpacking Want the easiest move of your life? Sit back and let us move you in style, with our valet packing & unpacking service!
  • Storage – As we work with many local storage facilities nearby in Melbourne, we can help with your storage needs, either short or long term.
  • Furniture Removalists – Whether you need just 1 big bulky item or a whole home moved, our team has you covered.

Furniture Removals In Essendon

For over 10 years our team at Get’ N’ Go Removals have been performing moves in the Essendon area in a friendly, stress-free and cost-effective way. We ensure high-quality removals without the costly price tag.

A move is usually a large project, and it may seem difficult to plan for, but our team are here for you to make it as straightforward as possible. Often people think about doing the entire moving process themselves, but there’s a high amount of risk involved when doing so.

Here are ways in which Get’ N’ Go Removalists will make your move from Essendon a safe, stress-free and settling time.

Moving To Essendon

Essendon is home to over 20,000 Residents, and that number is sure to grow! Essendon comprises of a mixture of old historic home with plenty of rich heritage. To a mixture of townhouses and apartment complexes. Essendon sits 8 km from the city of Melbourne and has many beautiful parks to enjoy, such as the 5 Mile Creek Reserve. With many cool cafes and bars to enjoy along both Keilor rd, and Mt Alexander rd, you will be sure to find the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat or a latte.


Essendon Packing Service

Packing and unpacking can take days and up to weeks and requires a lot of effort. If you want to ensure your items are genuinely protected, then we offer professional preparation of your belongings. Which means your items are appropriately packed, safe and secure during the shifting and transportation of the items. Offering you peace of mind and giving you more time to take care of all the other aspects involved with moving.

Protecting Specialty Items

If you’re like most people, then you have some belongings which are unique and sacred to you and your family. Whether they’re expensive items, intricate and delicate items or a family heirloom which is priceless to you. We’ll transport these in a way which gives you peace of mind when it comes to their protection. Our team take special precautions when handling your fragile and personal items.

Our team are highly skilled in furniture removals and have the expertise and specialised equipment required for moving and transporting bulky, fragile and oversized items too. We ensure your unique and fragile items are in good hands with us. Because we always take special care with every article, we pack, remove and transport.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget removing and shifting furniture can be a dangerous job. More often than not, people underestimate the difficulty in carrying large items around. This challenge is especially the case when trying to move items downstairs or up and down levels within a home, apartment or office. Our team are specially trained in furniture removals and know how to shift furniture around and to pick it up without injuring themselves.

Reduced Risk Of Damage 

Often the most significant risk of moving your home or business around the Essendon area is the associated damage. It’s easy to cause harm to furniture and all items during the packing and moving process. Our team understands how to pack things into a truck or container properly. Which means we ensure your belongings stay safely secured with a small chance of movement in transportation, which reduces any potential damage. We also take extra steps to guarantee your home or business remains protected while we’re moving in and out of your home or building.


It always helps to be protected. We take particular care of everything we do. However, there are some risks which fall outside of our control when it comes to furniture removals. Therefore our insurance gets put in place for your protection.

Saves You Time

If you’ve looked into hiring a truck yourself as well as making multiple trips with cars, then you’ll understand the time involved in this process. Especially if you plan to complete the move yourself. Save yourself the time and trouble and let our team handle the process. Allowing you to free up time and reduce all associated stresses.

If you’re moving from or to the Essendon area, then let the friendly team at Gent’ N’ Go removals handle your furniture removals. Along with all other associated items and services too. We’re a family-owned business who strives to make furniture removals friendly, stress-free and straightforward.

We’ve been servicing the Essendon area for over 10 years and look forward to helping you too. Contact us today for an assessment and free quote.

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Being Local Essendon Furniture Removalists

Because we are a local Essendon furniture removalists moving company, Get n Go Removals can give you a competitive price for your home move from Essendon, or in the northern suburbs.

Our Promise

we promise to provide the very best service we can to our customers down to the very last detail. and so we understand how stressful moving can be and is, so our aim is to try and make moving day as easy an experience as possible for you.

Essendon Furniture Remoavlist – moving tips

we find being packed and organised is an important part of the moving day process, so in order to make our job a hell of a lot faster we recommend you make sure everything is boxed up and neatly organised, prior to our arrival. here our our tips on how to be prepared.

leave a clear runway for us to be able to walk thru

put boxes in stacks of three onto of each other for easy access

unplug electrical items, tv, computers, speakers etc

animals are out of the way

if you are in a tricky plae to park make sure to reserved a spot out the front of your house

furniture removals Essendon services:

we are fully insured with: Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance so you can feel safe moving with us. because we know how important it is to know you’re covered

we also make sure we come prepared with all equipment which includes, blankets, trolleys, piano trolleys, and ties

Why Choose Us As You’re Essendon Furniture Removalists?

because we have competitive prices

because we care

stress free relocations

our many years of experience

we are friendly and reliable

contact us


email us at:

or Phone: 0403559241


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