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Packing and Unpacking Services in Melbourne

When we think of moving, we tend to think of trucks, lifting belts, dollies and hand trollies and the like. What so many of us forget is that most of the moving process happens on either side of all that. We’re talking about packing and unpacking – and that we can make all of that quick, safe and simple for you with our packing and unpacking services.

Professional Packing and Removalist Services

We pride ourselves on being the complete solution. Right from the outset, we can help you ensure that every aspect of your move is made as simple and easy as it can be. We can even provide you with packing supplies ahead of time to help you get a head start on the items you don’t want to think about on moving day itself.

Our packing and unpacking services are perfect for:

  • House Moves – We can take the stress out of moving into a new home – and save you having to get everything packed and unpacked all by yourself.
  • Business Moves – For fast-paced businesses, downtime has to be kept to a minimum, lets us help you get back up and running in no time at all.

We service all of Melbourne, so whether you’re in Brunswick, Northcote, Maidstone or Glenroy – know that you can look to us to help you get your move sorted. 

Packing and Unpacking for Art and Antiques

Fast, safe and efficient – but we haven’t touched on the specific sorts of things we can move for you just yet. With Get ‘n’ Go Removals – the answer is pretty much anything! We pride ourselves on being the locally owned and operated team of steady hands that you can trust to get you move handled, and a big part of that is what we can do to move even the most precious items.

Whether it’s paintings and sculptures, or perhaps antiques or furniture that require a little more care than normal – we can get it sorted. We’ll ensure that everything is packed exactly the way it needs to be for a safe move from point A to point B. Check out our page on fine art and antique furniture removals for more details.

Save Time, Effort and Headaches with Get ‘n’ Go Removals

Moving day can be exciting, but it can also quickly become less than fun if things start to unravel a bit. Having a team on hand to help you with not only the heavy lifting but also the finer packing details is the best way to ensure that everything goes to plan.

To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our in-office team will be eager to help you get a handle on everything you need to know about our services. You can reach out by calling 0403 559 241 or filling out a contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I prepare my house for a packer?


While the team at Get ‘n’ Go can help you get almost everything nice and organised. It’s still important to lay the groundwork. That means making sure that areas like hallways and doorways are clear, clothes and personal items are stored or packaged, and there aren’t any hazards or slippery surfaces to navigate around.

What will movers not pack?


At Get ‘n’ Go Removals, we’ll move the vast majority of household and commercial furniture and items – but there are some things we can’t move for you. That list will include any hazardous materials, paint, aerosols, gas or propane tanks, or any items that pose an undue risk to our workers in transit. We’d also prefer that our customers make separate arrangements for the transport of their pets.

What does full packing service mean?


Get ‘n’ Go Removals provide a full packing service. What that means is that we’ll handle the processes of organising and packaging up your precious and fragile items, along with everything else. This service is there for those who want everything to go smoothly on their moving day and just want a hand making sure everything is wrapped and packed safely before the move. Part of the service is helping you get it all unpacked and sorted on the other side.

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