Moving from Brunswick to Melbourne CBD by Get ‘n’ Go Removals

  • Chad contacted us on a Saturday afternoon after being let down by previously booked Removalists.
  • After t talking to Chad on the phone we found out he needed to be out by the next day on a Sunday. Luckily our team were able to help accomodate Chad and his family with their move on such short notice.
  • We assigned Ethan and Jayden to handle their 2 bedroom apartment move, and opted to use our 4.5 tonne truck. which is perfect for apartments, being easier to park and manoeuvre thru Melbourne.
  • On the Sunday our team arrived on time and with a can top attitude, and got straight to work! Putting Chad and his family at ease after previously being let down by other movers. The pickup from Brunswick went smoothly, and we headed for the drop off location in Melbournes CBD
  • Chad had arranged for the lifts to be booked in between 12-2pm, our movers arrived right on 12 at the apartment complex. Getting the unload done in 1.25 hours.
  • After using Get ‘n’ Go Removals Chad Left a review for us!
  • “Dear Ethan
    Our previously booked vendor didn’t turn up for the reasons unknown to me, however I feel very lucky and also happy to have booked removal services with your organisation. As I still can’t believe you pulled it off within the 24 hours of accepting the booking.

    Overall, it was very easy and comfortable dealing with you. Jayden has a great sense of humor yet professional – he should try stand-up comedy 🙂

    Again, my wife and I are grateful for your services, and are happy to refer you.


  • Another satisfied customer who we hope to see in the future, who was happy to recommend us to their friends and family looking for Removalists in Melbourne

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