9 Tips to Make Sure Your Office Move Goes Smoothly

How to Make Sure Your Office Move Goes Smoothly.

To ensure a seamless office relocation, proper planning is essential. Begin by establishing a timeline that includes the necessary tasks and deadlines to avoid last-minute chaos. Communicate regularly with your team to keep everyone informed of the progress and address any concerns or questions they may have. Additionally, employing the services of a professional moving company can provide valuable expertise and guidance throughout the entire process, making your office move a stress-free experience.

1 – Hire professional removalists for your office move

To ensure a smooth office relocation, it is highly recommended to hire professional removalists who specialize in handling office moves. These trained professionals are equipped with the necessary skills, machinery, and experience to safely and efficiently pack & transport your valuable office assets. Not only do they minimize the risk of damage and loss, but they also help to reduce the downtime of your business operations. Incorporating professional assistance in your office move strategy allows for a seamless transition between locations, ultimately benefiting your company’s productivity and growth.

2 – Stick to a schedule to avoid down time

Stick to a schedule to guarantee a successful office move. Establish strict deadlines and allocate specific tasks to team members, ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities. Regularly monitor progress and adjust the timeline if necessary to accommodate unforeseen challenges. By maintaining a well-organized schedule, your office relocation will become a streamlined process, and your team will be better prepared to adapt to the new environment.

3 – Make sure your items are packed and properly labeled

Properly packing and labeling your items is an essential step in ensuring a smooth office move. Begin by packing similar items together and clearly labeling the contents of each box to simplify the unpacking process. Use sturdy, high-quality packing materials to protect your belongings during transit and prevent damage. By taking these precautions, you will facilitate a more efficient relocation while reducing the amount of time and effort required to set up your new office space.

4 – Book needed lifts or parking spaces when moving office

Booking necessary lifts and parking spaces is a crucial aspect of a successful office move. Reserve elevators for moving bulky and heavy items, ensuring minimal disruptions to other building residents. Additionally, secure parking permits or spaces near both locations to guarantee easy access for the moving team and vehicles. By taking these measures, you will significantly streamline the moving process and ensure a smooth and efficient transition to your new office.

5 – Get your staff involved

Encouraging staff members to pack their own desks is another effective strategy for ensuring a smooth office move. By having employees take responsibility for their personal workspaces, the packing process becomes more efficient and less time-consuming for the entire team. This also enables staff members to prioritize and organize their belongings, making it easier for them to transition into their new office space. Engaging your team in the moving process fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, ultimately contributing to a successful office relocation.

6 – Bubble wrap computers to save time on removalists

Ensuring the safe transport of delicate office equipment, like computers, is a vital aspect of a seamless office move. To save time and resources, consider using bubble wrap to protect these crucial assets before the removalists arrive. By wrapping computers and other sensitive electronics, you can prevent potential damages and facilitate the moving process. This proactive approach will not only allow for a more efficient move but also safeguard your investment in office technology during the relocation.

7 – Disconnect Electronics

A crucial step in ensuring a smooth office move is properly disconnecting and handling electrical equipment. Begin by powering down all devices and unplugging them from their respective outlets. Safely coil and secure cords to prevent tangling or damage during transit, and consider labeling each cord according to its respective device for easy reconnection in your new space. By taking the time to meticulously manage your electrical equipment, you can avoid potential hazards and make the moving process more efficient, ultimately contributing to the success of your office relocation.

8 – Leave a clear walkway for your office movers

Providing a clear path for removalists is essential in ensuring the efficiency and safety of your office move. Start by decluttering hallways, ensuring that boxes and furniture are not obstructing the way. Communicate with your team members to ensure that they are aware of the moving plan and maintain clear walkways to avoid delays or potential accidents. By taking these steps, you will create a secure environment for the removalists, allowing them to work effectively and contributing to the overall success of your office relocation.

9 – Have a plan for your new space

Developing a predetermined layout for your new office is a pivotal step in streamlining your moving process. By having a well-planned workspace design, you can provide clear guidance to removalists, ensuring the efficient placement of furniture and equipment. This strategic approach not only expedites the unpacking phase but also gets your business up and running sooner. With a cohesive office layout, your team can quickly adapt to their new environment, maximizing productivity and contributing to a successful office relocation.

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What should I do the night before my movers arrive?

What to do the night before your move

Moving to a new house can be both an exciting and challenging experience, and what to do the night before your movers arrive can feel overwhelming. However, with some careful preparation, you can ensure that everything goes smoothly. One of the most important things to do is to get plenty of rest, so that you are well-rested and alert on moving day. Make sure that you have all of your boxes packed and labeled, and that any valuable or fragile items are properly protected.

Donate or sell items you don’t plan to move

The night before your movers arrive can be a great opportunity to make the final preparations for your move. One of the things you can focus on is decluttering your belongings by sorting through your possessions and identifying items you no longer need or use. You can donate usable items to a local charity or sell them online to make some extra cash. Not only will this lighten your load on moving day, but it will also help you start fresh in your new home with only the things that truly matter to you.

Pack or hire packing help

The night before your movers arrive, it’s important to ensure that all of your possessions are ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. You can either pack everything yourself or hire a professional packing service to do the job for you. If you choose to pack yourself, be sure to have plenty of boxes, packing tape, and other packing supplies on hand. If you hire a professional packing service, they will come equipped with all of the necessary materials and expertise to safely pack and protect your belongings.

Make a plan for high value items

Prior to your movers arrival, it’s important to make a plan for any high value items you may have. Consider taking these items with you instead of loading them onto the moving truck, as this will help ensure their safety and security. You can also make arrangements with your moving company to transport these items separately, using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure they don’t get damaged during the move. Additionally, be sure to keep important documents and valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and electronics with you at all times during the move.

Disconnect your appliances

Before your movers arrive, it’s important to disconnect all of your appliances and electronics to ensure a smooth and speedy move. This includes unplugging your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and any other large appliances. You should also disconnect electronic devices such as TVs and computers, and make sure all cords are labeled and organized for easy reassembly. Not only will this help prevent damage to your appliances and electronics during transport, but it will also save time and ensure that everything is ready to go when your movers arrive.

Remove any artwork or shelving from walls

The night before your movers arrive, it’s important to take care of final preparations to ensure a smooth and stress-free move. One task that often gets overlooked is removing any artwork or shelving from the walls. Doing so not only protects your items during transportation, but it also prevents damage to walls or other surfaces. Make sure to pack these items carefully and label their boxes properly.

Dispose of hazardous materials

The night before your removalists arrive, it’s important to take care of any hazardous materials you may have in your home. This includes items such as cleaning supplies, paint, chemicals, and other flammable or explosive materials. Many moving companies have restrictions on what they can transport, and these hazardous materials may not be allowed on the moving truck. If you are unsure whether a particular item is hazardous or not, it’s best to check with your moving company beforehand.

Clean each room and dust your furniture

In addition to the tasks listed above, it’s important to clean each room of your home and dust your furniture the night before your movers arrive. Not only will this help keep your possessions clean during transport, but it will also make it easier to unpack and settle into your new home. Be sure to use non-toxic cleaning products and microfiber cloths to avoid any residue or streaks. It’s also a good idea to sweep or vacuum the floors before you leave to ensure that everything is ready for the movers when they arrive.

Confirm the move details with your moving company

As your moving day approaches, it’s important to confirm all of the details with your moving company to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Contact the company at least a day or two before the move to confirm the date and time of arrival, as well as any special instructions or requests you may have. It’s also a good idea to discuss the payment and tipping process with the company beforehand, so there are no surprises on moving day. By communicating effectively with your moving company, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan and your belongings arrive safely and on time.

Check your essentials boxes

When moving, it’s essential to keep a box or bag of items that you will need immediately upon arrival in your new home, such as toiletries, clothes, and important paperwork. The night before your move, be sure to double-check that everything you need is packed in these “essentials” boxes and set aside in a designated area for easy access. Label the boxes clearly, so movers know not to load them onto the moving truck. Taking the time to organize these boxes will save you time and stress on moving day and help you settle into your new home smoothly.

Prepare the right type of clothes and shoes

In addition to packing your essentials box, it’s also important to prepare the right type of clothing and shoes for moving day. Choose comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you to move around freely and won’t restrict your movement. Closed-toe shoes with good traction are also recommended to prevent slipping and tripping while carrying heavy boxes. Additionally, consider the weather and dress accordingly, especially if you’ll be spending time outside or in a non-climate controlled moving truck.

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How To Choose The Best Interstate Removalists

Moving from one location to another is a stressful experience, but it can be made simpler with the help of professional interstate removalists. It’s important to do your research and pick a company that has a good reputation and offers quality services. Some of the things you should consider when choosing an interstate removalist include the cost of their services, the experience and qualifications of their staff, the quality of their customer service, and the range of services they offer. With so many interstate removalists out there, it’s important to take the time to read up on reviews, compare quotes, and weigh up your options until you find a company that suits your needs.

with a wide range of services, such as packingstorage, and unpacking. Also, make sure that the company is licensed and insured, and read up on customer reviews to get a better understanding of the quality of their services. Lastly, consider the experience and qualifications of their staff – this will ensure that your items are handled with care during the move. By doing your research and comparing quotes, you can find the best interstate removalists for your needs.

Make sure to ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. It’s also important to check the qualifications and experience of their staff, as well as the level of customer service they provide. Read up on reviews and testimonials, and make sure the company you’re considering has a good reputation in the industry. Taking the time to research your removalist is a crucial step to ensuring a successful move. 

Experienced In Interstate Removals

is important to ensure that the removalist you are considering is experienced in interstate removals. Ask for references or read customer reviews to ensure the removalist will be professional and reliable. A reputable removalist will have an established track record of successful interstate moves. Research the company’s insurance cover and make sure that any goods you are moving will be adequately protected.

When selecting an interstate removalist, it’s vital to make sure they have extensive experience. This is particularly important for interstate removals as the distances involved mean that items may need to be stored for a long period of time before they reach their destination. Experienced removalists will be able to effectively handle the logistics of the move and be able to advise on any potential issues that may arise. They will also be familiar with the rules and regulations of different states, which will ensure that your belongings get to their final destination quickly and safely.

Make sure they have the right size truck for your intersatate move

 Once you have found the right interstate removalists for your move, it’s important to check what size vehicles they have available. Large items such as furniture, appliances and boxes may require larger trucks. Therefore, you need to make sure that the removalist company has the right size vehicle available for your move. Different companies offer different sizes of trucks so be sure to ask in advance and make sure they can accommodate your needs.

When you have decided on the right interstate removalist for your move, it is important to provide them with an accurate list of items that need to be moved. This is necessary so that they can plan the most efficient route and to ensure that there is enough room in the truck to accommodate all of your belongings. This can help you save time and money during the move. Furthermore, your removalist will be able to give you an accurate quotation which will include all of the services necessary to move your items safely and securely.

Make Sure You Get An Accurate Quote Prior to Your Interstate Move

 It is essential that you get an accurate quote from your chosen removalist prior to your interstate move. Ask for a detailed quotation and ensure that it covers all of the services that you need, such as packing, storage and insurance. Getting an accurate quote will allow you to budget accordingly and ensure that you don’t get any unexpected costs during the move. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that any additional services you require are included in the quote.

affordable rates for interstate house moving service

 The cost of your interstate removal service is an important factor to consider. Before you commit to a specific removalist, make sure you compare quotes and ask about any discounts that may be available. Look for companies that offer affordable rates and services that will fit your budget. Additionally, you should ask about any hidden fees or charges associated with the move.

While it’s tempting to choose the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. It may be worth paying a little extra for a reliable and trustworthy company who will handle your items with care. At the end of the day, the price shouldn’t be the only factor when selecting the right removalist. Do your research, compare quotes, and make sure that you’re making an informed decision.


 Backloading interstate removalists offer a cost effective option for interstate moves. The service involves the removalist filling their truck with goods going to various destinations, picking up goods on the way and dropping them off at their final destination. By backloading, you can leverage the removalist’s resources and save on the cost of your move. Additionally, backloading services may offer more flexible pickup and delivery options to suit your schedule.

When selecting a removalist, it’s important to find out if they offer backloading services. Backloading is the practice of taking advantage of a truck that has already traveled a certain route and needs to return, often empty. This can be a cost-effective way to move your belongings as the removalist charges only for the space and services needed. Before hiring a backloading service, make sure you research their reputation and read reviews from previous customers.

Fully Insured for Peace of Mind

 It is important to ensure that the removalist has transit and public liability insurance to protect you against potential accidents and damages. When researching a potential removalist, ask for proof of insurance and check that all vehicles and workers have the necessary liability coverage. This will give you peace of mind that your belongings will be cared for throughout the move.

Do Your Research

 Before making your final decision on a removalist, it is important to do thorough research. Check their credentials and find out what other customers have said about their services. You can also contact industry bodies to find out if the removalist is up to date with industry standards and practices. Doing your research will go a long way in helping you make the best decision for your interstate move.

The process of finding the best interstate removalists shouldn’t be taken lightly. Do your research and find companies with a proven track record. Check online reviews, ask for references and make sure that the removalist is fully insured. When you’ve found the right company for your move, you’ll be ready to enjoy a smooth and stress-free experience.

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How Long Does It Take To Move House

How long does it takes to move house? This can vary quite drastically depending on a variety of factors. Thes factors being things such as volume of furniture to be moved, and the access at each property, meaning if there is stairs or a long walk to and from the truck. Another factor to consider is if disassembly and re assembly is needed on any furniture. If you are looking for tips on how to be ready for your move

In saying that sometimes a local Melbourne move can take longer for a 1 bedroom apartment than what a three bedroom house can take if all these factors come into play. As no move is the same sometimes calculating how long it should take can be hard when we are not given all the required information.

Another element to consider on how long your move may take is how efficient and professional the removal outfit you choose is. When looking for removalists don’t just go with the cheapest hourly rate. As chances are they will not be as quick and the likelihood of damages will be higher, costing you more in the whole scheme of things.

How Long Does It Take To Move An Apartment Or House

How long your move takes will depend on the following factors

  • Volume of furniture/boxes to be moved
  • The access and distance from door to truck
  • The distance of which you are moving between
  • How organised you are
  • If there are stairs
  • If disassembly & reassembly is needed

These factors can make a massive difference when it comes to how long your move will take. Be sure to set a realistic timeline to your move if you have some a few of the above contributing factors.

Average Time It Takes To Move an Apartment

property sizevolume of furniturenumber of removalistsaverage loading timeaverage unloading timetotal hours
Studio Apartment5-10m3230 mins – 1.5 hours30 mins – 1 hour1 – 2.5 hours to move
1 Bedroom Apartment10-15m321 – 2 hours1-1.5 hours2 – 3.5 hours to move
2 Bedroom Apartment15-25m322 – 3.5 hours2 – 2.5 hours4 – 6 hours to move
3 Bedroom Apartment25-35m332.5 – 4 hours2.5 – 3.5 hours5 – 7.5 hours to move
4 Bedroom Apartment30-50m334 – 6 hours4 – 5.5 hours8 – 11.5 hours to move

Please keep in mind the above table is just a guide and every move is different

Average Time It Takes To Move a House

property sizevolume of furniturenumber of removalistsaverage loading timeaverage unloading timetotal hours
1 bedroom house10m321 – 1.5 hours45 mins – 1.25 hours1.75 – 2.75 hours to move
2 bedroom house20m322-3 hours2-2.5 hours4 – 5.5 hours to move
3 bedroom house30m332.5 – 4 hours2 – 3.5 hours4.5 – 7.5 hours to move
4 bedroom house40m333.5 – 5 hours3 – 4.5 hours6.5 – 9.5 hours to move
5 bedroom house50m334.5 – 6 hours4 – 5.5 hours8.5 – 11.5 hours to move

please keep in mind the above table is just a guide and every move is different

How Long Does It Take To Pack An Apartment Or House

How long it takes to pack an apartment or house will depend on the size of the home. Generally a professional pack can pack around 5 boxes per hour. This could be slightly more or less depending on what the items being packed are. Fragile items like kitchen ware and china will take longer to pack than things such as books and linen which doesn’t need wrapping.

Each home is different and comes with its own challenges and tricky items to pack, We have seen many three bedroom houses that have needed over 100 boxes packed before. You could be very minimal and only need between 5 – 10 boxes to be packed or you could need 100 boxes to be packed and have an assortment of fine china that adds time to how long your pack could take.

Average Time To Pack An Apartment or House

property sizenumber of boxes to be packednumber of packersaverage packing time
1 bedroom10 – 2021 – 1.5 hours
2 bedroom20 – 4022 – 4.5 hours
3 bedroom30 – 5023 – 5.5 hours
4 bedroom40 – 6024 – 7 hours
5 bedroom60 – 9026 – 10 hours


Average Time To Unpack An Apartment or House

property sizenumber of boxes to be unpackednumber of unpackersaverage unpacking time
1 bedroom10 – 2021 – 1.5 hours
2 bedroom20 – 4022 – 4.5 hours
3 bedroom30 – 5023 – 5.5 hours
4 bedroom40 – 6024 – 7 hours
5 bedroom60 -9026 – 10 hours


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How To Be Ready For Your Move

How to be ready for your move? This can either make you or break you come move day when using removalists. Below we will go through a list of things you can do to prepare come move day.

Dismantle furniture

Dismantling furniture is a great way to speed up your time with the removalists. although if needed we are more than happy to assist with this.

Stack Boxes Ready For The Removalists

By stacking boxes in piles of three or four depending on the size of boxes, this makes it quick and efficient for removalists to simply slip there trolley under and move faster. Saving the need for double handling

Secure A Parking Spot

If you live in a place where parking spots are hard to come by. Be sure to secure a park overnight so the removalists can park their truck at the closest possible access point to your home. Doing this can save you so much time come move day.

Untap Washing Machine

Another great way on how to be ready for your move is to save time is by making sure everything is ready to go. Including your washing machine. (also if your dryer is on a bracket above, taking this down as well can help with your move`time.

Label Your Boxes

Be sure to label boxes for their correct room, this is a simple thing that can help keep things efficient and avoid any confusion

Make Sure There Is No Items On The Floor

When moving day arrives make sure there are no items on the floor that can fit into a box, this can be a tripping hazard and also makes it harder to stack into the truck if the item is an odd shape.

Clear Items Off The Tops Of Your Furniture

Another simple thing we see a lot when moving, having small items on top of furniture wastes time in having to clear them off to be able to get to the item we need for loading the truck.

Make Sure All Boxes Are Tapped And Not Open On The Tops

Having the boxes open can make stacking the truck hard, as it wastes space in the truck and means they can only go on the top spaces. Also things can fall out when tipped back on trolleys and are more likely to get broken

Don’t Water Your Plants

Make sure not too water your plants the night before, as they will be heavier and chances are they may leak.

Empty and Defrost Your Freezer

Its a good idea to get your freezer emptied and defrosted the night before the removalists arrive. You can do this by emptying the contents into an esky, and then place a towel in and infant of the freezer to collect any water that may leak out

Pull Tv’s Off Brackets

If your tv is on a wall mount bracket be sure to take them off if you are looking to save time when moving. Otherwise we are more than happy to help if you need assistance with it.

Keep Dogs And Children Away

This can also cause a hazard when moving. Removalists could be carrying heavy items and trip over. We suggest making sure both children and animals are left out of the way.

Do A Cull If Necessary

Do yourself a favour and save time in carting things you don’t need anyway. Why move something you won’t be needed. Getting rid of things before the move will save time for your movers keeping your moving costs down.

Secure All Doors And Draws

Be sure to lock and secure any drawers or doors on furniture by either locking them or tapping them shut. This will avoid any chance of doors or draws opening and causing damage. Also be sure to empty any fragile items that may be inside

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How To Move A Fridge In 8 Steps

You can save yourself quite a bit of money if you are able to move a fridge by yourself. Chances are that you may least need a hand just to tip the fridge over onto a hand trolley. Being heavy and cumbersome items, they are almost a specialty item if big enough….

You can save yourself quite a bit of money if you are able to move a fridge by yourself. Chances are that you may least need a hand just to tip the fridge over onto a hand trolley. Being heavy and cumbersome items, they are almost a specialty item if big enough. similar to your smaller pianos but not quite as heavy. Although they can be reasonably easy under the right conditions! Having no stairs or steps to deal with being a big start. If you do have these to deal with you may be better off ringing the professionals, as these can be very tricky and have an increased risk of damage to your appliance, walls and even yourself. Below I will lay out our step by step guide on how to move a fridge.

Things You Will Need:

  • Hand trolly
  • moving blankets
  • tape
  • rope
  • two people
  • moving truck

1.  Defrost your Fridge

When planning how to prep a fridge for moving, fist priority is to empty your contents. Try meal prepping in the weeks leading upto the move. Thus making sure there is as minimal food left to deal with come when you have to empty the fridge. Have an esky ready to put your leftover food from your fridge and freezer in.

Once your Fridge is completely emptied out, you will need to defrost your freezer, this can be done by either, using a hair dryer. leaving the doors open and waiting for the ice to melt. Or try placing pots of boiling water with thick tea towels onto for a steam effect that will help speed up the defrosting process. Defrosting your freezer will help ensure there are no water leakages when it comes to moving.

Once ice has all melted, clean up water left behind with a mop or rag and your tree good to go.

2. Disconnect Fridge

If your fridge has been tapped in to the water supply be sure to disconnect these in advance, as most moving companies won’t be able to do this.

After the fridge has been unplugged, roll up the power cord and either tape it to the back of the fridge or at the bottom where the motor is.

3. Measure Doorways And Plan Your Route

Measuring doorways will help make sure you know which doors your fridge will fit thru. Making sure you are not left damaging your fridge or holding the heavy appliances any longer than you need to be. If you’ve measured your preferred route and you have room than you are almost set to go. On the other hand if you have measured and its not fitting, you may need to improvise. This is where you may need to either take household doors off hinges, or completely remove the doors from the fridge.

4. Apply Moving Blankets To You Fridge

Be sure to have a couple moving blankets to go onto your fridge to stop any chance of damage coming their way. This can be done by grabbing a nice think moving blanket. Be sure to open your moving blanket right up, once opened fully grab either corner of the moving blanket on the longer edge. wrap around the fridge horizontally, then once you have overlapped the fridge with your blanket, grab your tape and make sure it doesn’t come off.

5. Get Ready To Lift

once you have figured out your route and the fridge has been blanketed, Its time to lift. Grab your hand trolley. If the trolley has a strap built in, strap your fridge onto the trolley. If not you can make your own strap by using a rope. Next you may or may not need help to tip the fridge over depending on the size and weight. Once tips back you want to have hold of the fridge on your trolley at a 45 degree angle. This will be the most comfortable position and will keep the weight feeling lighter.

6. Going Down Stairs

When going down stairs only use a hand trolley when you have a straight staircase. Be sure to always go down facing forwards, never backwards downs stairs. when going down stairs with a fridge on your hand trolley, always pull back towards yourself at 45 degrees. Also be sure to have your offsider at the front of the fridge to push back towards you, making sure it cannot go anywhere.

7. Get Fridge Into Moving Truck

When figuring out how to move a fridge, the main objective is to get it into the truck. Depending on if you have a truck with a lifter or ramp you can do this either of two ways:

For Lifter: Drop your fridge slowly onto the tailgate lifter. Take your trolley out and catch the lifter up with your fridge. Take your trolley and place it back under the fridge and reverse back onto the truck and bam its in.

For Ramp: approach the ramp walking backwards towards it, have your offsider at the front of you guiding you along the ramp. They can also give you a push up the ramp for added help.

Once you are in the truck all that’s left to do is securely tie it down so it can’t move during transit. Be sure to grab rope long enough, and tie the fridge in an upright position. When tying make sure not to use to much force that you don’t dint your fridge. just be sure that there is no slack in your rope and that its tight around the appliance and you will be right.

8. Wait Before Plugging Back In

Usually you can turn them back on straight away if they are a newer model of refrigerator, just be sure to check the manufactures guidelines. If you had to for some reason lay the fridge on its side, leave the fridge upright for double the amount of time it was on its side before turning back on. This lets the hydraulic gas come back down to the motor.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

  • If the fridge is going to be stored, be sure to leave the doors slightly open to make sure mould cannot build up.
  • Always when possible transport and keep fridge in an upright position

If you have a challenging situation and your not sure how to move a fridge. Try enlisting the help of professional removalists howl know what they are doing.


How To Move Heavy Furniture

18 Tips On How To Move Heavy Furniture

When trying to figure out how to move heavy furniture, you need to take the right steps to ensure a smooth moving process. You will agree that moving heavy items such as fridges, buffets, sideboards and couches is not for everyone. These items must be moved with care and precision, to make sure the furniture, the home its being moved in and out of and the person moving it are all safe. Hiring a professional mover is the better option, as they are experts when it comes to moving these kinds of specialty items. Get ‘n’ Go Removals is a moving firm that knows exactly how to move heavy furniture with care.

When moving heavy furniture use the following tips to help make moving simple and a damage free experience.


1. Empty draws

this will make moving heavy items that little bit lighter, and a lot easier to carry to and from the truck. Saving your back for the rest of the items you will have to move.

2. Tie, tape or cling wrap doors shut

When going up or down stairs with heavy items, the last thing you need is a door flapping around. This could make it easier to damage walls or furniture. Making sure the won’t open will make the chances of damages it a lot less likely to happen.

3. Blanket and wrap your items

 Another great idea that you should not skip if you are trying to move your furniture. Professional removalists use these on all items of furniture making sure items are safe. while your at it you can also put blankets on things like bannisters for when you are doing a carry up or down stairs.

4. Carry tall items high too low

Tall items like bookshelves are a two man job. And when carrying them you `want to have one man carry the item from the top and the other from the bottom. This creates a nice angle for getting these bulky items up and down stairs. Also when carrying like this the items angle will roughly match the angle of the staircase, making getting up and down easier.

5. Hook Chairs around corners

When moving items like recliners or single seater sofas. You can get these thru tight doorways by, turning them on their side and swinging them around the doorway by bringing the back in first then hooking around and into the doorway.

6. Upend Sofas

 Generally when taking sofas thru a doorways you will only need to turn them on their sides with the front facing the ground. But sometimes if you don’t have much room outside the doorway there is a different option. Upending the sofa, and sliding thru the doorway, or you may have to hook it underneath the top of the door. This can be done by putting the couch on the ground on its end infront of the doorway. Then you want to drop the highest point under the top frame of the door and hook the high end up on the other side of the door while lifting/sliding the bottom into the other side of the doorway

7. Use the right equipment

The old saying work smarter apples here. Be sure to utilise moving equipment, things like dollies trolleys and lifting straps will make the task a lot easier

8. Take apart what you can

 this is a great option if you are trying to figure out how to get heavy furniture up or down stairs. Taking items apart like any desks or bed ensembles apart can make it easier, and even allow you to shift it yourself.

9. Make sure your path is clear

 When lifting heavy items the last thing you need is items in your way. These can be dangerous and become a tripping hazard, resulting in injury to yourself or damages to your home or furniture.

10. Keep Children and animals out of the way

Another thing that can cause accidents to happen during the shifting process. Be sure to keep children and animals away from the action come moving day. Either at day car for children or at a pet care for your furry friends.

11. Take back off your recliners

 Find the back brackets located underneath the backing of the recliner, there should be two small clips on either side. Pull these inward and lift the back in an upward motion along the rail, and off its should pop. (sometimes you may need a pair of long nose pliers)

12. Tie up sofa bed and remove mattress

When it comes to sofa beds they are notoriously heavy. Especially if carrying them up or down stairs. Try lightning them up bait by removing the mattress from them if possible. Also be sure to tie up the pull up bed mechanism. To do this you will need to remove the cushions, then you should find a handle which is used to pull the bed from the sofa. Take your tie and loop it thru the handle and around the front of the couch, then simply tie off.

13. Remove Doors

A great idea to try if you are struggling to get that big bulky fridge thru a doorway. Simply take the door off, this gives slightly more room to play with, which could be just what you need to make the item fit.

14. Plan where it’s going

 Be sure to know exactly where your item is going before attempting to lift it. The last thing you want is to be standing around with heavy furniture unsure as to where it will be placed. Then having to reluctantly move it again later.

15. Know what route you are taking

Like the previous step, this is equally important. Be sure to measure furniture and access point to be sure it will fit if taking it that way. This will eliminate any extra time having to be spent carrying said heavy item.

16. Use a Hydraulic tailgate lift or Ramp

Having a tailgate lifter or ramp at your disposal will help eliminate any extra risk of damges to your furniture or harm to yourself. Without either of these options you will have to lift items up and onto a truck or trailer. This can result in injuries and damages to items.

17. Use proper lifting techniques

This is a very important tip when trying to figure out how to move heavy furniture. Be sure to keep your back straight and bend your knees, keeping a nice straight back at all times is paramount to avoiding injury.

18. Hire Professionals

If all this sounds like it would be too much or too hard for you to complete. Let the professional movers at Get ‘n’ Go Removals take the stress out of moving. call us today for a free quote on 0403 559 241 send us an email at: getngoremovals@gmail.com or visit our website


How To Find The Best House Movers In Melbourne

Moving day is drawing closer, so you need to find the best house movers in Melbourne you can count on. Using professional movers comes with many benifits and can help with many aspects of moving house. From packing to unpacking a good removalist can help make the whole process a streamline process.

What To Look For When Selecting House Movers Melbourne

When selecting the best removalists to help carry out your upcoming move, make sure to do your research. The following criteria will help you to narrow down your preferred professional house movers in Melbourne

No Hidden Fees

Be careful when hiring movers for your move, as there are many hidden fees that some may charge. These include fees such as:

  • stair fees
  • heavy lift fees
  • fuel levys
  • disassembly & assembly fees

be sure to avoid these sort of companies that charge these sort of hidden fees

Melbourne House Mover Reviews

When doing your homework on your preferred home moving service, make sure to check the reviews on both there google my business profile. As well as their Facebook business profile. Get ‘n’ Go Removals offer one of the best house removalist services in Melbourne and are proud to boast a 5.0 star rating on both our google and Facebook accounts.

Another key thing to look for when checking reviews is if they are fake or not! this is typically quite easy to spot out. Businesses will get there friends to leave reviews all in a very short space of time, amassing a large amount of reviews in a rapid amount of time. Another way to check this is if the reviewers that have left reviews have only left 1 review all just for that business.

Service To Suit Any Move

Whether you are after 1 item moved or the complete valet service. This is something that can be catered to by a good house moving service. you want to make sure your movers are experienced and have the resources to help with many different aspects of the moving process. These are just some of the services we offer:

  • packing & unpacking
  • 1 item moves
  • house movers
  • office movers
  • commercial moves
  • storage 
  • Long Distance movers 
  • Furniture Removals

Word Of Mouth

Before going online and searching the web, you are better off to look in your own backyard, try asking your friends or family if they have moved recently? And if so which local removalists did they use? Getting referred to a removalist by your friend will be more accurate then listening to people on the web that you don’t know.

Dont Skimp Out On Movers

You should avoid movers with prices under the $100 mark per hour, as this generally means that they won’t be insured and that there movers likely won’t have the experience required to provide a fast, efficient and damage free move. Remember the old saying if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Service Location

When choosing house movers in Melbourne for your home move, you want to be sure to pick a removalists company nearby. Either being close to the pickup of drop off address, thus saving you costs on any fees to get out to your specific location.

They Know What they are talking about

You should be able to tell the minute you make contact, we only use removalists to answer your calls, giving us the edge when doing quotes over the phone. As having a vast knowledge in all things moving and packing, we can give you a more accurate estimate of timeframes needed for a move. Also being able to help you out with any questions you may have, as well as being able to provide great ideas on how to prepare for your house move in advance.

They Know their way around a Home move!

this one you may be able to see as you are driving by a moving truck and they have the truck doors open and are loading or unloading, Look closely, you will be able to see a few key points as to whether the removalist company knows what they are doing or not, things being, the tidiness of the truck. Are their blankets folded neatly and stacked nicely. Also be sure to have a look at their loading skills, making sure no items of furniture stacked in the truck without being wrapped in protective blankets applied. This shows that your Melbourne House Movers care about how the go about there business and take pride in their work.

Another thing you will notice come the day of the move is their expertise in using there moving equipment. Using the right equipment at the right times for the right furniture. Thus making the moving process quicker and more a streamline and less chance of damages in comparison with less experienced movers

Contact Get ‘n’ Go Removals For House Movers In Melbourne

If you are looking for the best house movers in Melbourne you have come to the right place. No matter where you need to get to in Melbourne , we have the know how and experience to get you moved in a fast and efficient manner. Give us a call today to discuss your moving needs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote


8 Tips For Moving House In The Summer Heat

When moving house during the summer heat, There are many different factors to look out for and plan ahead to, one of which being the blistering hot summer weather! Summer in Melbourne is the most busiest time of the year for people looking to move house. And can be a very challenging event to move during the warmer weather, In saying this we have come up with our 8 best tips to help get you moved during the summertime.

Get Started Early

making a early start is a great way to beat the sweltering heat! The difference in temperature for early mornings compared to afternoons can be quite drastic! Try to make sure not to move during the afternoon if you can avoid it! As this will make moving much harder then it could be.

Be Aware That Not All Items Cope With Heat

during summer on a 40 degree day, the back of the truck can see temperature over 50 degrees and acts like a heat box. Therefore you will need to think about your more delicate items, things you’ve packed that could melt? And your plants! Some plants cannot handle the heat, especially over a long distance. We recommend if possible to transport them in a car with air-conditioning this will give the best chance of a safe arrival.

Have That AC Cranked Up

As removalists, moving is quite a physical job, and one way to make our lives a bit easier is to make sure you have your air conditioning switched on! Or if you don’t have air conditioning at your home some portable fans will do the trick.

Have Water On Hand And Stay Hydrated

While carrying out a move, be sure to make sure to keep your fluids up through out the day. As you will be sweating quite bit during all the lifting and moving you will be doing, and will need to replenish your body. Keep water cool in and esky and make sure you have it on hand at all times.

Apply Sunscreen

This step is important! You want to be sure you have applied sunscreen, as you will be moving between the truck and your home all day, and open to the suns rays. Be sure to re apply every 2 hours and avoid getting burnt.

Wear The Right Clothing

When choosing the right clothing to wear when moving house in the summer heat. Be sure to select something that is comfortable and lightweight to make sure you are keeping as cool as possible throughout the day. Another option that you should use to prevent being burnt is wide brim hats and sunglasses, to protect your face, ears, neck and eyes from the suns damaging U V rays.

Be Aware Of Overheating/Heatstroke Symptoms

Exposure to extreme heat and doing such a physical activity can pose a threat to your health. In saying this you need to listen to your body and be aware of any symptoms should they arrise. Symptoms can include headaches, nausea, muscle cramps, dizziness, weakness, fainting, seizures and general confusion. If you have any of these symptoms be sure to get out of the heat immediately and into an air conditioned room and lie down and drink plenty of water.

Book Professional Movers

If you are looking to hire home movers to handle an upcoming move you may have during the summer period! Be sure to contact the team at Get ‘n’ Go Removals on 0403 559 241 or email us at getngoremovals@gmail.com